Super liga Srbije 2016/2017

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Liga Manager Online 4

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This Script is originally based on the Windows Software 'LigaManager 98 Free' from Frank Hollwitz. The Liga Manager Online, also developed by Frank Hollwitz, is a greatly improved version of the Program. Since it is based on PHP, the LMO works with many OS and is comfortably managed with a normal Web-browser. With many different 3rd Party Addons, the LMO has become more flexible. Since the original author, Frank Hollwitz, has stopped improving the script, a group of Add-on developers have decided to work together with the goal of improving and and updating the script.

With this script it is possible to mánage Normal Leagues of different Sports, and alsoTournaments. In addition there is also a Prediction Game a Players Management/Statistics, the support for mobile devices(cellular phones)WAP and a large League Statistics included. All this makes the LMO the Complete Solution for everyone who manages Sport Leagues and wants to make them publicly viewable.

Since this script is server based, it does not depend on a Web-browser. The Web-browser should however work with CSS for best results. When the Webmaster uses the added News-ticker, it will only be shown when JavaScript is aktivated.

LMO 3 by Frank Hollwitz
LMO 4 by Rene Marth/LMO-Group
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SLS 2016/2017

Detaljna tabela »
1  C. zvezda 22
2  Vojvodina 17
3  Radničk 16
4  Metalac 14
5  Partizan 13
6  Napredak 12
7  Vożd. 12
8  Mladost 12
9  Spartak 11
10  Rad 10
11  Novi Pazar 8
12  Javor 7
13  Radnik 6
14  Čukar. 5
15  Borac 5
16  Bačka 4